Night of museums, International museum day 17.05.-18.05-2014

Night   of   museums
May   17, 2014
Opening   of   exhibitions
·        Lilit   Stepanyan “Masks” (drawings  and  ceramics  designed
in   the   style of  cave  paintings)
·        “Sketches  from  the  past”  the  best  samples  from  the museum
collection  (art  processing  of   wood  and  painting)
Concert   program 
·        Armen   Hjusnunts, Vahagn  Hajrapetyan “Jazz  improvisations”
·        The  theatre  of  cinema  actor  after  Henrik   Malyan-“Tales”  by  
H.Tumanyan -fragments  from  the  performance.
   International   museum  day
   May 18, 2014
·        Lilit   Stepanyan, “Masks”, “Sketches  from  the past”-from the
museum  collection(exhibitions)
·        Interactive  lesson –excursion “In  the museum for the first time”(for
the children of 1-4 forms)
·        Interactive   lesson-excursion “The museum as a  history text book”
(for  the children  of middle  forms)