Alongside architecture and painting, carving in stone and wood during many centuries have embodied the characteristic traits of the artistic genius of the Armenian people, their aesthetic principles, taste and sense. Though wood couldn’t stand test of time (the unfavorable historic circumstances-wars, fires..) those few wooden items that have reached our day-doors, lecterns, capitals, executed in traditional manners of Armenian ornamental art, testify about high culture of wood carving in past. For the period of its existence the Museum of Folk Arts has done much work to reestablish the wood carving art. The result is the exhibition hall, where the works of modern craftsmen are displayed: boxes for spoons, shelves, trays, stamps for decorating cake, decorative vases, scoops, amulets, lecterns, printing blocks, saltcellars. The names of many skillful masters are known not only in Armenia: Ruben Hakhverdyan, Hakop Azatyan, Sargis Poghosyan, Arsen Panosyan, Henry Solakhyan and others.